UVI Dual Delay X Free Download WIN

UVI Dual Delay X Free Download WIN represents a unique approach to spatial delay, using unitary rotation and reflection matrices similar to the feedback delay networks found in reverbs, but tuned for longer discrete echoes.

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UVI Dual Delay X Free Download WIN

You can create everything from clean delays to highly-charactered effects with a dynamic and controllable feedback path, quickly going from warm analog tones to crunchy lo-fi digital sounds.

It provides unique and versatile delay effects with minimal fuss. Utilizing a design based on unitary rotation matrices, Dual Delay X can create radical yet stable sound field manipulations over time, giving you powerful new delay effects to explore.

It immediately delivers dozens of extraordinary delay effects, thanks to a deep library of factory patches handcrafted by our in-house sound design team. Quickly browse categories such as Stereo, Mono, Short (Reverbish), Mods, Special FX, and more. Tweak and iterate your effects with the built-in A/B controls, and utilize parameter locks on high-level controls like Mix, Time, and Feedback while browsing presets to save time.


Features of UVI Dual Delay X

  • Dual-channel delay inspired by reverb designs
  • Geometric sound field manipulation with extensive feedback shaping
  • A straightforward interface delivers excellent results in no time
  • A Unique Spin
  • Powerful Sound Shaping Tools
  • Incredible Sound, A Breeze To Use
  • Exceptional Factory Presets

Password if asked – fl_studio_official

UVI Dual Delay X Free Download WIN

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