Waldorf Largo 2 Free Download WIN/ MAC

Waldorf Largo 2 Free Download is a software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. A complete Waldorf synthesizer for your virtual rack.

Waldorf Largo 2 Free Download

Free Download VST Plugins HERE.

3 fat oscillators per voice (two of them with sub-oscillators) with classic waveforms and 68 Wavetables taken from the legendary Microwave and Wave synthesizer, as well as Q and Blofeld – 2 independent multi-mode filters – up to 4 layers per sound and 4 stereo outputs.

We’ve added different types of three-formant filters that mimic the frequency response of the human vocal tract. Using the cutoff parameter, you can change the aeiou vowel frequency for all your favorite choruses and voice modulations.

Largo 2 offers native 64-bit support for macOS (Apple silicon & Intel) and Windows.

Largo 2 is fully compatible with all existing soundsets and users can import all the sounds they have created so far.

It will be installed as a separate plug-in. This ensures that all existing Largo projects continue to run as they are.

And again, it’s the innovative sound that makes the big difference.

Waldorf Largo 2 Free Download

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