WavesFactory Equalizer Free Download

WavesFactory Equalizer Free Download is an audio plugin that intelligently and automatically EQs your tracks.
It’s an equalizer in the most literal sense; it tries to make everything equal.

Free Download VST Plugin below.

WavesFactory Equalizer Free Download
WavesFactory Equalizer Free Download


The plugin works by dividing the incoming signal into 32 bands. For each band, it calculates the gain and then determines a target volume. Based on this, Equalizer independently adjusts—either boosting or cutting—the gain for each band to achieve the desired target volume. Effectively making all frequencies have the same volume.

Equalizer significantly streamlines the mixing process, delivering high-quality results with unprecedented speed. Equalizer instantaneously performs tasks traditionally requiring extensive automation, saving you a lot of time. Moreover, it accomplishes this with minimal CPU consumption, ensuring efficient performance.

Even if the plugin can be operated with a single knob, Equalizer comes with a carefully curated set of tools for personalizing the plugin to your specific requirements.

These features include Mid/Side processing, a tilt knob for direct brightness control, attack and release parameters, separate controls for cut and boost with delta signal audition, and a mix control and output gain with auto-gain functionality.

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WavesFactory Equalizer Free Download

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