Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download

Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download is a wavetable synthesizer plugin created by Xfer Records that has completely taken over the music production world as the most used synth plugin. It features a visual and creative workflow-oriented interface that makes creating and altering sounds fun instead of tedious.

Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download
Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download


Since its release, Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download has quickly become the most popular software synthesizer for music production. There is no other synth more widely used, reviewed, and supported by professionals on the market.

Serum Reviews

Serum Mac Free Download is worth a lot if you know enough about synthesis to create the sounds you hear in your head. Otherwise, it’s still a valuable plugin that allows endless possibilities for experimentation. Almost as flexible as a reasonably sized modular synth rig.

But unique sounds can be found with lesser means, combining free and built-in synthesizers with various effects plugins. The resulting sounds can be sampled and manipulated further if you please. Also, try things like sampling old records, foreign radio stations, and sounds you create yourself with for instance household objects. I like to collect guitar pedals and cheap sound modules from the 90s, great for sampling and resampling to get some unexpected results.

 The layout/workflow is the best — it’s SO easy to make your own sounds or tweak presets once you learn how to use it.

And it’s extremely popular so there are countless preset packs for it. I’m sure you’ve seen that there are a ton of Serum presets on Splice Sounds, too, so you can grab only the ones you like if you want. — it’s perfect because you can just thumb through presets all day and when you find one that’s like 80-90% of the way there, you can get it the rest of the way in a couple of minutes because of Serum is so easy to use.

Honestly, unless you’re the type of producer who likes making sounds from scratch all day (nothing wrong with that at all), you’ll really come to appreciate the fact that there are so many preset packs for it. You’ll definitely still want to learn how to actually use the synth so you can tweak things to taste, but it saves you so much time over having to make everything from scratch.

There’s literally NO sound you can’t make with Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download. In contrast, I demoed Spire and learned everything about it. Spire is a great synth, but it’s hard to make any “dirty” sounds (like what you hear in dubstep, hybrid trap, complextro, etc.) whereas Serum is totally limitless. It excels at those as well as squeaky clean, melodic sounds and everything in between. The only criticism some people have is that it’s not the best for analogue sounds — and while I admit it’s not the best suited for that, you can download analog synth wavetables (I’ve gotten some great free ones on Reddit), utilize a few tricks like modulating the fine pitch and noise, and you’re already 99% of the way there. In other words, it’s faster to make convincing analog sounds with certain other synths (because they sound that way out of the box), but it’s still totally doable with Serum. And with Serum, you’re not “locked in” to only making analog-sounding patches, so it still wins out.

You also get Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download as a separate plugin — it contains all of the FX modules that you can use within Serum (e.g., reverb, delay, distortion, etc.). This is awesome because you usually want to use reverb and delay with send/returns, as it gives you more flexibility than having a reverb inserted directly on your instrument track. With SerumFX, you can do the whole send/return setup, but keep the exact same reverb that was in the original Serum preset. In other words, you can load up a Serum preset, mute the reverb within Serum, create a send in your DAW to an aux track, insert SerumFX on that aux track, and pull up the exact same reverb that was in the original preset — only now, you can EQ just the reverb, or distort it, or bit crush it, or whatever else you want. It’s absolutely an underrated benefit!

 for serials you can look here: https://pastebin.com/u0CnFgkd

Xfer Records Serum Mac Free Download

Version : v1.33b4
For Mac Users.

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