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YA Mastering Template

Louder than a bomb, sweeter than honey!

It’s time for AKAI users to enjoy that “sweet mastered sound..” coming from their standalone setups and beyond…

YA Mastering Template Free Download
YA Mastering Template Free Download


Configuration Includes

  • Exclusive custom 3 Band Multi-band compressor
  • EQ
  • Stereo Widening
  • Exclusive custom True Stereo Send/Returns
  • Tube Saturator
  • Parallel Compressor
  • Limiter

Key features

  • Settings meticulously tweaked for a dynamic, tight, balanced and controlled environment
  • Unveils If something’s wrong with your mixing.
  • Powerful real-time feedback of your mix as you tweak through the template
  • Excellent tool in a Live environment.No more worries about your sound in a PA system
  • Can be used as a quick Mastering tool to load up stems and tweak things to perfection


  • This template is compatible with all the new AKAI MPC series (MPC Touch/Live/X), any controller/computer based system that runs MPC Software and the AKAI Force*.Tweaked for OS 2.4 and above.

    *AKAI Force template can be loaded manually

YA Mastering Template Free Download

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