ADSR – Hexcel Free Download WIN

ADSR – Hexcel Free Download WIN is a fast and simple way to create profoundly creative, complex-sequenced melodies and chords.

Direct Download VST Plugin.

ADSR - Hexcel Free Download WIN

Hexcel works with any synth that accepts MIDI

Hexcel Free Download generates midi patterns using semi-random routing and an easy, fun, and visual Harmonic Table note-layout.

You define your needs and then hear Hexcel turn them into your desires – melodic inspiration and ideas on tap.

The Harmonic Table Note Layout or tonal array puts all the notes of the major and minor triads at your fingertips.
It offers a highly visual, easy-to-use, and supremely creative interface for melodic composition.

The plugin comes with 75 factories presets across 8 popular genres to get you started.



ADSR – Hexcel Free Download WIN

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