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Autotune MAC Free Download

Autotune MAC Free Download is the most complete and advanced edition of Auto-Tune for macOS.

Direct Download VST Plugin for MAC.

Autotune MAC Free Download

Autotune MAC Free Download delivers the complete set of tools you need to make any vocal performance a perfect performance. Take your music to the next level and start producing vocals without limits.


  1. Antares Auto-Key v1.0.3 – Automatic Key and Scale Detection
  2. Antares Auto-Tune Access v9.0.2 – Essential Auto-Tune Features
  3. Antares Auto-Tune Artist v9.0.2 – Pitch Correction for Live Performances
  4. Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ v9.0.1 – Vocoder style Vocal Effects
  5. Antares Auto-Tune Hybrid v9.0.2 – Real-Time Pitch Correction for Avid DSP
  6. Antares Auto-Tune Pro v9.1.1 – World Standard Professional Pitch & Time Correction
  7. Antares Auto-Tune Slice v1.1.0 – Advanced Vocal Sampler
  8. Antares Auto-Tune Vocodist v1.0.1 – Iconic Vocoder Models
  9. Antares AVOX ARTICULATOR v4.2.2 – Digital Talkbox
  10. Antares AVOX ASPIRE v4.2.2 – Aspiration Noise Processor
  11. Antares AVOX CHOIR v4.2.2 – Vocal Multiplier
  12. Antares AVOX DUO v4.2.2 – Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler
  13. Antares AVOX MUTATOR v4.2.2 – Extreme Voice Designer
  14. Antares AVOX PUNCH v4.2.2 – Vocal Impact Enhancer
  15. Antares AVOX SYBIL v4.2.2 – Variable Frequency De-Esser
  16. Antares AVOX THROAT v4.2.2 – Physical Modeling Vocal Designer
  17. Antares AVOX WARM v4.2.2 – Tube Saturation Generator
  18. Antares Harmony Engine v4.2.3 – Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator
  19. Antares Mic Mod v4.2.2 – Classic Microphone Modeler

Autotune MAC Free Download


VST Plugins For Windows HERE.

VST Plugins For MAC HERE.

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