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Cymatics Lotus Free download WIN & macOS

Free Download Cymatics Lotus WIN & macOS

Cymatics Lotus Free download
Cymatics Lotus Free download


Analog Delay / Pitch Shifter

Cymatics Lotus Free download is an analog delay/pitch shifter by Cymatics with hundreds of unique capabilities.

If you’re trying to make your melodies more unique, you need this plugin.

LOTUS perfectly replicates a famous guitar effect pedal that’s become very popular in Hip Hop and Lofi production (can you guess what it is?)

The problem is, this hardware pedal is hard to get, hard to use, and is extremely expensive. Plus you can’t even save presets easily or even use them in stereo…

However, LOTUS is very easy to use while keeping all the advanced features found in the hardware version, plus it’s much more affordable.

This plugin is a game-changer for making melodies more interesting. Put it on any loop and it instantly gives you a unique sound

The first 4000 people to get LOTUS to get our other new plugin AURORA for free

Scroll down to see overview videos and to hear before and after demos.

Download Cymatics Lotus WIN & macOS Free

Windows Link-




Check Out More Downloads HERE.

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