Cymatics Vibes 2 Free Download

Cymatics Vibes 2 Free Download is a Collection of Colorful Sounds Fueled By Feeling and emotion.

Cymatics Vibes 2 Free Download
Cymatics Vibes 2 Free Download


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VIBES II: Melody Collection
Colorful & Expressive Melodies With A Heavy Touch of Emotion
The Melodies in VIBES II turned out to be some of the most emotional sounding we’ve ever put together.
Our team created each of these with a different vibe and feeling in mind, painting a unique sonic picture for each loop.
This resulted in a collection of highly colorful & expressive melodies that work well for a wide range of music styles.
VIBES II: Drum Loop Collection
Highly Versatile Drum Loops Inspired by RnB, Trap & More
For the Drum Loop section of VIBES II, we took the same approach as the melodies in the collection.
This means that each Drum Loop was field tested alongside the melodies to make sure that they capture the same vibe.
Inside, you’ll get access to a library of mix-ready Drum Loops with stem layers that are designed to work with a variety of genres.
VIBES II: Percussion Loop Collection
Textured Percussion Loops For Adding Character To Any Track
For the Percussion Loops in Vibes II, we put together a variety of unique percussion textures that work well for emotion-driven music.
When paired with the Drum Loops or Melodies, these percussion loops can easily take your song concepts to a whole new level.
We processed each of these to sit perfectly in the mix right out of the box, perfect for adding character and flavor to any track.
VIBES II: Vocal Collection
Soulful Vocal Loops For Adding Human Emotion To Your Music
Nothing captures feeling & emotion quite like a soulful vocal sample.
And for VIBES II, this section was a major focus for us, delivering on a library of highly emotional-sounding vocals.
These sound amazing on their own, but they also sound incredible when you pair them up with the Melodies in the main pack.
VIBES II: Drum One Shot Collection
Warm & Crisp Drum One Shots That Cut Through Any Mix
For the Drum One Shots in VIBES II, our top drum designers turned their attention to creating sounds that resonate perfectly with the rest of the pack.
Inside you’ll get a variety of Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Hihats, and more, each processed with a mix-ready sound that carries a ton of warmth.
And each of these work great for a ton of different genres & styles, so it’s easy to get a vibe going instantly.
VIBES II: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
Handcrafted Hihat Patterns With A Variety Of Unique Bounces
Our team of producers spent extra time writing and designing Hihat patterns that you can drag in to get inspired.
We crafted each of these in a way that pairs up sonically with the rest of the sounds VIBES II, pulling heavy inspiration from Modern RnB.
You can drag these in as is, chop them up, or tweak the MIDI to fit the vibe of any track you’re building.
VIBES II: Bass & 808 Collection
Mix-Ready 808 & Bass Samples For Heavy Hitting Low End
For the 808s & Basses in VIBES II, we aimed to capture the same type of energy that would pair well with the rest of the collection.
So inside, there are a wide variety of different low end samples that carry a ton of warmth and character.
This includes everything from 808s, Subs, Reese Basses, and much more, inspired by Modern RnB & Trap.
VIBES II: Synth One Shot Collection
Lush Synth One Shots For Creating Your Own Emotional Melodies
The One Shots in VIBES II were designed to give you a plethora of options for building your own feeling-focused melodies.
Our team spent extra time designing each one shot, using analog synthesizers and outboard gear to capture a special warmth.
Inside you’ll get everything from lush Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks and Synths for creating memorable melodies.

Cymatics Vibes 2 Free Download

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