Drake OVO Drum Kit Free Download

Drake OVO Drum Kit Free Download contains drums used in most Drake songs.

Free Download Below.

Drake OVO Drum Kit Free Download
Drake OVO Drum Kit Free Download


Free Download Drake OVO Drum Kit.

OVO Sound Kit includes some of the hottest sound and drum samples for hip-hop production. There’s booming 808s, crisp snares, tasty claps, tingling hi-hats, and thumping kicks. We also threw in some unique percussion hits to fill out the drum beats a bit. Now it is time for you to take over, and use these sounds to cook up your own OVO-inspired bangers.

Drake OVO Drum Kit Free Download

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Tips on making your beats sound like drake’s OVO sounds –

  • using Guitar Rig on samples/VSTs can give you some pretty interesting effects. A lot of their samples are heavily reverbed and you can always crank a reverb to 11 and rock that but Guitar Rig has some funky effects patterns that really make things seem otherworldly if used right.
  • to make the drums sound like drakes is to put all the drum parts + perks (including/excluding 808 basses depending on the beat) and wire them all through the same bus. Then on that bus put an adaptive limiter on it and then mess with the gain
  • also get an EQ on the sound, and raise the low or mid-bass levels up, for snares the mid’s to highs.
  • Then add some reverb, and then put your low and hi-pass filters.
  • Bitcrushing is also a big part but is a little more advanced for most people
  • Making a beat in terms of rhythm is not hard, making a beat sound good in terms of mixing takes time, an ear, and a mind.
  • You should be individually mixing every single instrument on your songs. Every hi-hat, every snare, every tom, kick, bass synth, etc.

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