FL Studio Dynamic Wallpaper Kit V2 Free Download

Free Download FL Studio dynamic wallpaper Kit V2 

Dynamic Wallpaper For Fl Studio Win
Dynamic Wallpaper For Fl Studio Win




These backgrounds only work for windows. Due to the different architecture of the FL GUI on macOS, Dynamic wallpapers are not supported yet.

Folder Placement

Unpack/unarchive/unzip the

“DYNAMIC WALLPAPER Kit V2 (WIN only) [Created by @80.ymar & @m0rriss.ig].zip”

file anywhere on your computer, but make sure to not change or move any of the files inside this folder. The wallpapers will not work as intended if the folders or files are changed or moved. Putting the entire folder in “Documents” is recommended.

Select a background

To select one of these files as your background in FL Studio go to > “View” > “Background” >
“Set Dynamic wallpaper / HTML Document…” and select the desired “background.html” from one of the folders in this directory.

Dynamic Wallpaper
Dynamic Wallpaper For Fl Studio Win


Download Dynamic Wallpaper Kit V2 FL Studio Free

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