KHEMICS – High Roller’s Essentials Stash

Khemics returns with High-Rollers Essentials stash! (BIGGEST KIT YET)

Direct Download Drum Kit.

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If you’re a producer, you know that sound selection is everything when it comes to creating a hit. It’s what makes your song stand out and gives it its own unique character. But if you’re like most producers, then you probably spend more time searching for sounds than actually making music.

Producing an entire song from scratch can be difficult enough as it is. And if your creativity isn’t at its peak, then things can go south quickly. But what if there were a way for you to accelerate your sound selection process instantly and seamlessly? What if there were a way for you to attain the exact kind of inspiration that makes all the difference between good songs and great ones?

Introducing High Rollers Essentials Stash your source for quality sounds for getting to that creative state all producers seek. Used by many hyper-successful multi-platinum and diamond producers—and now available to YOU!



61 808s (Categorized and Custom 808 WaveForm Previews)
•24 Claps
•10 Crashes & Cymbals
•76 Hi-hats (Categorized)
•45 Kicks (Categorized)
•25 Open-hats
•45 Percs (Categorized)
•83 SFX (Risers, Impacts, Fills & More)
•88 Snares, Rims & More
•78 Scales (For melodys)
•19 Loops from Khemics & Friends
•10 Hihat Loops
•10 Percussion Loops
•73 Oneshots (Bells, Keys, Leads. Plucks, Synths & 15 One-shot processing presets)
•29 Mixer Presets (Convenient mixing presets and Patcher Presets)
•20 Hi-hat midis (with Previews)
•6 Snare Midis


KHEMICS – High Roller’s Essentials Stash Free Download

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