Khemics – Industry Essentials V2 (Sound Kit)

Improve your sound selection today. Khemics – Industry Essentials V2 is perfect for kick-starting instant creativity. Approved by many accredited producers.

Free Download Drum Kit Below.

Khemics – Industry Essentials V2
Khemics – Industry Essentials V2


Take advantage of the new & improved essentials sound kit for your producing needs. Contains around 700 MB of Premium Sounds after its unpacked.


  • Introducing a new innovative feature: Interchangeable Skins (You can chose different colors for the kit based on your personal preference)
  • Exclusive Drum kit Demos (Previous kit demos)
  • 808 waveform displayed in the browser under the 808 name. (There are 50 Saucy 808s to choose from, you can essentially preview the waveforms, this can help distinct the difference between whether its a short or long 808 before even hearing it, this is remarkable way to find what you’re looking for easier.)

This sound kit provides exceptional value such as:

  • 50 808s (Shows Custom 808 Waveform)
  • 35 Claps
  • 12 Crashes & Cymbals
  • 34 Hi-hats
  • 17 Kicks
  • 35 Open-hats
  • 30 Percs
  • 75 SFX
  • 44 Snares
  • 12 Vox
  • 10 Drumfills
  • 15 Risers
  • 78 Scales (For melodies)
  • 16 loops from khemics.
  • 10 Perc loops
  • 125 Oneshots (Bells, Fluteruns, keys, leads, mallets, plucks, synths, textures)
  • 50 FL Mixer Presets (Convenient mixing presets for the following: 808s,Hi-hats,Loops,Master,Sample,Snare,Vocal etc)
  • 22 Hi-hat midis

Khemics – Industry Essentials V2 (Sound Kit) Free Download

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