Martinleib Hihatizer

Martinleib Hihatizer helps you transform your percussions using this plugin powered by Patcher for FL Studio 20 and 21. all the paid third-party plugins used can be seemlessly switched to stock plugins: even if you don’t own them, you can just replace them or turn them off.

Free Download More Presets HERE.


The free VST codec is used in this patch. you can get it for free here:

other third-party plugins used include Timeless 3 by Fabfilter. while it isn’t necessary, it’s recommended. if you don’t own it you can click on the button that says Stock/Fabfilter to switch it for Fruity Delay 3. same applies for Effectrix, while it’s recommended, it isn’t essential. you can just click the button that says On/Off if you don’t have it to turn it off.

click here if you want to check out some demos. works both on Mac and Windows, both FL Studio 20 and 21 🙂 -martin

Martinleib Hihatizer Free Download

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