Memphis Cult Drum Kit Vol.5 Ultimate Edition

Experience the ultimate kit designed to empower you in effortlessly and swiftly crafting Memphis Rap Beats that exude authenticity.

Free Download Drum Kit Below.


Incorporating two iconic hardware pieces from the early 90s, namely the Roland DR-DR220 and its predecessor, the Roland DR-808, this kit pays homage to the Underground Memphis Rap Genre.

Through the mastery of these machines, we have meticulously curated an impressive collection, comprising 100+ Original Melody Loops, 100+ Analog Drum Sounds, and 100+ Drum Loops. To preserve the essence of true analog sound, each sound has been meticulously processed using a genuine lo-fi cassette deck. Furthermore, we have included a diverse array of extras, including Melody Stems, Tape Recorded Vocal Samples, Bonus Samples.

Notably, our loops are not only labeled with BPM and Key, ensuring effortless integration into your projects within seconds, but we have also enriched the kit with 808 bass original sounds from the DR 220—a complete set of presets synonymous with the creation of tracks in the Memphis Cult. Additionally, you will find an expansive assortment of over 400 Original Clean Acapellas, along with a wide variety of loops and samples.

With its user-friendly drag and drop functionality, this kit caters to producers of all skill levels, from novices to advanced practitioners, providing an unrivaled opportunity to delve into the world of Memphis Rap Beats.

Memphis Cult Drum Kit Vol.5 Ultimate Edition Free Download

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