MIXING Tips and Tricks by VLCN

VLCN (Pronounced Vulcan) is a bass music producer based out of Tampa, FL. He has more than 10 K followers on his Soundcloud account and here he shares his mixing tips and tricks for fellow producers.

MIXING Tips and Tricks by VLCN
MIXING Tips and Tricks by VLCN

MIXING Tips and Tricks by VLCN

So as you know I mix loud. That’s my preference. If you like mixing quieter it’s simple math to be able to achieve the balance I go for.

My pre-master is what I call my true 0. The way I set my true zero point is how I mix my kicks. So I mix my kicks at 0. My true 0 is 0. I personally hit 0 for my pre-master so I follow the first chart closely. Yes I know that’s loud. But that’s how I do it.

First is my go-to gain staging for all my productions

  • Kick 0
  • Snare -1 to -2
  • Drum Fills (Toms etc) -2
  • Hats -10
  • Basses –3
  • Sub -6
  • FX -10 to -15
  • Vocals – To Taste

Now if you want to mix quieter. Take your kick, make that your true 0 then subtract the above values.

I’ll put an example below here.

  • Kick -6 (Take away this value from the above values for new balancing)
  • Snare -8
  • Fills -8
  • Hats-16
  • Basses -9
  • Sub -12
  • FX -16

Extra Tips

When processing any sound that you do not want a sub-frequency in, cut the lows at 110hz before processing and then once again after processing.

  • Lows can form from processing and can create mud if not re-cut.
  • For Vocals, find the meat of the vocal in an EQ or analyzer then take away some frequency from the basses fx, etc in that meat spot. Sometimes vocals will get lost fighting for space.
  • I also like to keep my masters on as I work. I like hearing what my product will sound like. You can toggle it on and off throughout but I feel having it on saves time for me. Mix as you go. Do a small final tweak after 🙂

Hope you like the personal mixing tips given here by the producer. Go ahead and listen to his music and follow him on Soundcloud  and Instagam

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