Oscar Zulu – Square One Shots Free Download

Oscar Zulu Square One Shots Free Download is a collection of 156 high-quality one-shots handcrafted by Oscar Zulu.

Direct Download Oneshot Kit.

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Using his collection of analog synthesizers, guitar pedals, and unique effects processing, Oscar dove back into the last 3 and half years of sound design to bring some of the classic “Zulu-Esque” colors like dark screeching synths, an array of recent go-to tones including rich moving textures and warm pads, as well as a collection of truly new and unique sounds that evolve as they’re held. 

The meticulous sound design behind the legacy Square One Music Libraries, and a growing catalog of industry placements, is now available for producers to use in their own compositions. 

This Sample Library includes:

  • 156 Total Sounds
  • 17 Basses 
  • 16 Fx
  • 25 Guitars + Strings
  • 16 “Multis”
  • 20 Pianos + Bells
  • 62 Synths

All one shots are exported in the key of C and at -12dB.


Oscar Zulu Square One Shots Free Download

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