Pereponka Beats 600 FL Studio Templates Free Download

Download Pereponka Beats 600+ FL Studio Templates Free 

Pereponka Beats 600 FL Studio Templates Free Download
Pereponka Beats 600 FL Studio Templates Free Download

Pereponka Beats 600 FL Studio Templates Free Download

This free fl studio template pack contains all FLPs of the remakes and type beats from Preponka’s YouTube channel and some unreleased works.

— learn how to make and mix popular songs
— find the new high-quality samples and presets
— boost your skills in working with FL studio

Link –

Size -1.39 GB

Download LInk Below!

Beginner Producer Tip

What are Sound Group busses and Pre-master Bus

What are the differences between group busses and Pre-master bus?

Sound group busses: These are like the final step for a specific type of sound (eg. fillers/FX, snares, kicks, percussion, synths, vocals etc.) before being tossed into the pre-master and master busses.

For example: All members/individual busses of the mixer area labeled “synths” get filtered into the synths sound group bus. This is especially useful for situations like raising and lowering volume levels of a type of sound without having to go back and readjust all instruments of it’s type individually, or for applying a single reverb or FX process to all sounds in a group for the sake of uniformity.

Pre-master bus: as the name describes, this is the final frontier before sounds enter the master bus. This is useful for a good number of things! Many feel having a pre-master bus for all “master” FX like limiters and compressors etc. is good practice to keep your master channel clean. I tend to use it in a more janky way by having it act as a “master sidechain” bus rather than a true pre-master; since I mostly make trap/rap beats, I’ll send my kick and snare group busses directly to the master, and then have ghost notes for my kicks and snares sent to the pre-master to sidechain almost all the rest of my sounds in the track. This isn’t the only use for a pre-master, but it’s what I tend to use it for most regularly. A pre-master can open up a lot of flexibility when it comes to mixing!

So generally My Mixer route is:

Dedicated channel for specific sound > sound group bus > pre-master bus > master channel

This gives good framework for the technical/mixing parts of a track without delving too much into creative workflow!

Download Pereponka Beats 600+ FL Studio Templates Free


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