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Production Music Live Masterclass : Jimi Jules

In this Production Music Live Masterclass : Jimi Jules provides a complete shift of perspective by focusing on the creative process and his workflow of carving ideas out of what first seems to be a chaotic musical mess.

Production Music Live Masterclass : Jimi Jules

“With me you’ll learn to listen to your ideas rather than specific EQ settings” – Jimi Jules

About this Masterclass

We proudly present the first cooperation with Innervisions and Jimi Jules. Jimi is a rising star in the electronic music scene and with his unconventional workflow, he sparks pure inspiration by the first minute.

We captured his whole production process in his Studio in Milan to provide in depth insights in his cutting edge and innovative approach to making music.

No software required to take this masterclass.

Shift your perspective on music production with 2+ hours of studio session covering:

  • Carving ideas out of anything
  • Creative use of outboard gear
  • Recording techniques
  • Jimi’s concept of groove
  • Sound and Sample Selection
  • Arrangement Tricks: From Idea to full Track

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Production Music Live Masterclass : Jimi Jules

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