Slate Digital – ANA 2 Ultra Expansion Packs [Windows]

Slate Digital – ANA 2 Ultra Expansion Packs [Windows] contain All expansions for ANA2 Ultra, that is not included in other releases:

Free Download VST Presets below.

Slate Digital – ANA 2 Ultra Expansion Packs
Slate Digital – ANA 2 Ultra Expansion Packs [Windows]
ANA 2 Ultra Cinematic Vol.2 Expansion Pack:
Underscore the movie of your life with gigantic sonic atmospheres, dreamy smooth pads, and breathtaking leads to add drama to your next track.

ANA 2 Ultra Circuit Breaker Expansion Pack:
Massive leads, evolving organic pads, and bottomless low end come together with a gorgeous new skin to create a circuit breaker that’s built to overload.

ANA 2 Ultra Detroit Vol.2 Expansion Pack:
This set of hip-hop inspired patches introduces super thick reeses and keys to an already packed party.

ANA 2 Ultra Monolith Expansion Pack:
From rolling basses to otherworldly arps and soaring leads, MONOLITH is the most versatile set of sounds to ever hit the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle.

ANA 2 Ultra Multisample Expansion Pack:
Take ANA 2 Ultra Bundle to new creative heights with 10 organic instruments and 5 drum machines, each of which put the multisampler’s power on full display.

ANA 2 Ultra SD-1 Vol.2 Expansion Pack:
The textures and tones of lo-fi have never sounded better than this batch of crackly keys, dusty basses and tastefully re-sampled percussion.

ANA 2 Ultra Vintage Analog Vol.2 Expansion Pack:
Warm poly-synths, fat basses, and iconic vintage leads come together to turn your DAW into several classic synths at once.

Slate Digital – ANA 2 Ultra Expansion Packs Free Download

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