Sonic Academy Ana 2 Ultra Bundle Free Download

Sonic Academy Ana 2 Ultra Bundle Free Download empowers you to craft expressive leads, punchy basses, lush pads, and intricate soundscapes with unparalleled ease and flexibility.

Sonic Academy Ana 2 Ultra Bundle Free Download

ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is an incredibly powerful synthesizer that makes it easy to craft all the signature sounds, unique textures, and custom FX you can imagine.

Take Ana 2 to new creative heights with 10 organic instruments and 5 drum machines, each of which put the multisampler’s power on full display.

With over 1,700 presets, custom expansion packs, and unique skins to match, and a brand new multisample module, the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle is an extraordinarily versatile instrument.

Features Slate Digital ANA 2 Ultra Bundle

  • Powerful synthesizer allowing sound designers and producers to create synths they ever wanted.
  • Package offers new presets where users can integrate the presets in their sound production timeline.
  • Easily get inspired for your next hit release, and produce with massive basses, luscious pads, earth-shattering plucks & a ton of presets.
  • Also included with wave tables, 3 samplers, 36 different types of filters giving users more to enhance productivity.
  • Fully-packed with tools and features giving full access and control over all the hundreds of the presets.

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Sonic Academy Ana 2 Ultra Bundle Free Download


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