Spire VST Free Download WIN

Spire VST Free Download WIN is a software polyphonic synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine modulation and flexible architecture.

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Spire VST Free Download WIN

Spire VST Free Download is the embodiment of the best opportunities, both software and hardware synthesizers.

Features of Reveal Sound Spire

  • Analog / Digital Superiority
  • Versatile Oscillators
  • Unique Unison Engine
  • Superb Sounding Filters
  • High Quality Built In Fx Processor
  • Incredibly Flexible Modulation Architecture
  • Make Your Sounds Fatter

Spire VST Review

The following spire VST Review is taken from an online producers’ community discussion.

Spire is pretty unique in what it does. It’s definitely a much better-sounding synth out of the box than Sylenth1. Slow evolving plucks and saws do sound better due to its filtering, but Sylenth1 isn’t bad by any means. It’s usually on sale for less than $100 bucks so it’s not a terrible pickup, but not exactly necessary if you don’t know or intend to use it’s off-the-wall features.

It’s worth getting Spire if you like the user interface, the sound of its filters and effects, and are curious to use the various oscillator modes and features it possesses that the other synths don’t.

If you’re relatively new to synthesis, you’re better off sticking to one or two synthesizers and really getting to know them well.

Check out the demo. My preference would be Spire + Serum. Use Spire for analog and simple FM, and Serum for wavetable.

Spire kind of beats out Sylenth whilst Massive and Serum have some overlap although can sound very different to each other (despite conventional wisdom in this group). Spire is well known for its plucks, it’s got very snappy envelopes and great-sounding filters. You can squeeze some of that out of Serum and Sylenth though. You’re going to get some overlap.


Spire VST Free Download WIN

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  1. When I open the plugin it says “Workspace index file error (11). Please rescan workspace.”

    Rescan does nothing, I’ve tried installing twice on two different disks.


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