The AI-Powered Vital Preset Generator – MicroMusic

MicroMusic is a new synthesizer AI sound reconstruction tool. It works with Vital, and is a free alternative to SynPlant 2.

It is a free AI Tool For Windows That Recreates Synth Sounds Using Vital.

The AI-Powered Vital Preset Generator - MicroMusic

Configuring synthesizers is a challenging process.

Even when you know exactly how you want your synth to sound, and even if you have a reference sample, it can take hours of hard work and iteration to tune your synth to sound just right.

The Solution

MicroMusic does the hard part for you.

You input an audio sample, and it outputs a Vital preset file. It’s that simple. Behind the scenes MicroMusic uses state-of-the-art machine learning to find the optimal parameters to create the closest matching preset it can.

You can download MicroMusic for free at:

Please join our discord: Discord

If you found this tool helpful, we’d love for your support on Patreon!

Currently, we’re a bunch of college students with no money: micromusic932

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