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The Cargo Cult Bundle Free Download

Free Download The Cargo Cult Bundle 

The Cargo Cult VST
The Cargo Cult VST


Free Download The Cargo Cult Bundle contains various plugins for post music production, sound design and music.

Link – Google Drive

The Cargo Cult Bundle Download Consists of

  • SlapperSlapper is a multi-tap surround delay with a stunningly intuitive interface, fantastic console integration and some freakish sound design potential.Slapper is essentially 8 delay units, very cleverly massaged into one simple plugin. Each delay line has it’s own independent level, time, feedback and damping controls, as well as pan position in anything from mono to 7.1 surround. It features a pair of main output filters as well as mix and output level controls, and anything can be automated without zippering or nasty artifacts.
    The Cargo Cult Slapper
    Google Drive
    Google Drive

  • Matchbox

    The ultimate Change Management solution. Matchbox compares any two versions of your show and finds every little cut change, VFX tweak or dialog slip. The best thing since sliced picture.
The Cargo Cult Matchbox
Google Drive
Google Drive

  • Envy

    Envy is all about envelopes, stealing characteristics of one sound and applying them to another. If you ever wished one sound was a bit more like another, that’s Envy.

It’s kinda like a morph, but it’s really not that. It’s part dynamics tool and part vocoder, but you won’t use it for either of those things. It’s officially a modulation plugin, but that doesn’t even begin to explain what it actually does.

The Cargo Cult Envy
Google Drive
Google Drive

  • StemcellStemcell is boring. Nobody wants a multichannel stem filter with an independent LPF and HPF for each channel in a surrounding stem… but everybody needs one.
The Cargo Cult Stem Cell
Stem Cell
Google Drive
Google Drive

The Cargo Cult User Reviews

Envy is absolutely incredible! Got it a couple of years ago during a sale and it’s become one of my essential sound design tools. Matchbox is also great if you work in audio posts.

I was lucky enough to be on the pre-release of this product and can confirm it is both very useful and a heap of fun to use. Both subtle and outrageous results can be created easily.

As an example, I easily morphed a cuckoo clock with a human voice to make the clock talk to a character.

It’s worth every penny.


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