X-FACTOR : Mixing/Mastering pack!

This is a folder includes pretty much everything you need to start mixing and mastering in FL Studio! And if you are a professional, here are some interesting chains to experiment with!

Free Download Preset Pack Below.

X-FACTOR : Mixing/Mastering pack!

Everything uses stock plugins unless otherwise noted, and plugins used are included as well!

Presets include:

  • Individual and overall drum bus presets
  • Main Vocal chains
  • Vocal fx chains

Artist based Vocal chains/plugins:

  • lil baby

  • doja cat

  • future

  • Dom Corleo

  • devstacks

Master track presets

VST plugins:

  • fresh air

  • ptx-eq (pultec eq emulation, famous eq)

  • Antares auto-tune Evo

  • camel crusher

  • axp softamp psa

  • puncher 2 lite

Tape FX chain

Recording preset

Beat mixing preset (for typical 2 track recording, vocals + beat)

X-FACTOR : Mixing/Mastering pack! Free Download

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More Vst Presets and Soundbanks HERE.

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