Brainworx Plugins Bundle Free Download WIN

Brainworx Plugins Bundle Free Download is arguably the most versatile plugin developer out there. They have developed the biggest part of our PA catalogue, including most of our analog modeled plugins! And BX is the biggest 3rd party vendor for the prestigious UAD-2 platform, and the #1 AAX DSP developer for AVID’s ProTools HDX system as well.

Brainworx Plugins Bundle Free Download

The Plugin Alliance bx_bundle contains all the hits, of which BX had many over the years.

  • Mastering icons like the bx_digital V3 M/S EQ, bx_masterdesk, the bx_XL V2 M/S Limiter, bx_saturator V2 and bx_refinement
  • Best-in-class TMT Console Emulations: The complete bx_console series, giving you authentic analog sound from SSL, Focusrite and more
  • The world’s first TMT synthesizer, based on the famous Oberheim SEM
  • Amazing EQs and Dynamics, including dynamic EQs, master buss compression, stem limiters, a unique Panoramic EQ, and more
  • Multiple guitar and bass amps, plus lots of distortion and FX stomp boxes, including a great tuner
  • A series of Mix Trix and Metering, like bx_shredspread, bx_boom!, bx_stereomaker, bx_subsynth, and bx_meter / bx_control V2
  • Professional Reverb and Delay with M/S and ducking features (bx_rooMS & bx_delay 2500)

These plugins will make you sound better and are available in all native formats. Most of them are available in AAX DSP as well, all of which are included in this bundle.

The Brainworx Audio bundle is an audiophile rock’n’roll experience. It’s a compilation of some of the most legendary consoles of our time and the additional, essential tools you need to execute that next session!

No major studio’s or VIP engineer’s plugin collection is complete without the award-winning Brainworx tools. And now you can use ALL of them as well, for just $12.99/mo! Subscribe now and start getting the best out of your projects.

Of course we’ll add every future bx_ plugin and every future update to the bx_bundle at no extra cost, and we’ll never ever drop a plugin out of this bundle. Guaranteed!

Hassle-free: all our monthly and yearly bundles will auto-renew every month or every year. This means you will be charged automatically until you cancel (which you can do anytime, of course), and your licenses will be renewed automatically every month or every year as well (depending on your specific plan).

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Brainworx Plugins Bundle Free Download

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