Cryptic – Sound Science 03

Are you ready to take your productions to the next level?

Cryptic – Sound Science 03kit has everything you need to create unique drums + beats – 808s that make your neighbors fill out noise complaints, the crispiest hi-hats & open-hats you can find, otherworldy kicks & toms made with vintage drum synthesizers, your new go-to claps, rims & snares and signature earcandy percussion sounds. on top of that it features a bonus folder with hi-hat midis & percussion loops to give you instant bounce ideas. don’t worry about sound selection anymore & make your ideas come to life!

Free Download Drum Kit Below.

Cryptic – Sound Science 03 Free Download
Cryptic – Sound Science 03 Free Download

Sound science 03 – the third & last installation of the sound science trilogy.

Since sound science 03 is the last kit of the sound science series, I tried to create something special. by processing all the sounds through an analog effect chain (neve 33609 (limiter/compressor) -> api 2500 (compressor) -> tube tech smc 2b (stereo multiband compressor), I was able to get the most out of the sounds. each sound was also created & processed by running it through various guitar pedals (game changer audio – light pedal, strymon – volante, uafx – astra, chase bliss generation loss mkii & more) and an unique digital effect chain, to get the highest quality possible.


  • 17 808 + bass sounds
  • 26 hi-hats + open-hats
  • 30 claps, rims + snares
  • 18 kicks + toms
  • 27 percussion sounds
  • 10 hi-hat midis
  • 5 percussion loops


  • 5 Samples
  • 15 One Shots
  • 15 Drum Sounds

Cryptic – Sound Science 03 Free Download

download 1


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