How To Sell Beats In 2023

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Hey, I decided to give you a glimpse of what you can do to build yourself a good online beat selling business in this overcrowd market nowadays. I will put it in simple steps. I apologize for not telling everything you need.

Treat it as a starting point, which the most dedicated of you will use to find the way how to do it.

Ok, let’s start.

How to sell beats in 2023, 2024 and probably until computers are around.

  1. Get yourself a list of artists that are both:

a) buying beats

b) into your type of beats

This is the most important thing. There is like 1 MILION artists out there, but only like 10-20% buy beats. So if you were to hit up 100/day, it would take you 27 years to hit them all up. Instead, you want only to hit those that are 100% buyers and into your type of beats. This narrows it to like 50-100k usually. Others only want free beats (you probably know if you ever hit up rappers with beats)

How To Sell Beats In 2023
How To Sell Beats In 2023


2. Hit them up using email or automated DM’s.

This is crucial to understand that you DON’T SPAM. What I mean by that is that you have to be :

  1.  creative
  2.  gentle
  3.  not trying to sell anything.

Sending emails like “Yo check my beats” are not only unprofessional, they are also illegal. What you want to do is to get artists’ attention and props their beats and let them find out that you are producer. How do I do it?

I use catchy title like “Yo, you are heard in Europe!” – most artists come from U.S. and they are most likely to open email like this. Then inside I compliment their music, without saying a word that I’m a producer. So how they find out? I have my links in the footer of email body. So when they see my email after I reply to their first response, they will see links to my beatstars, instagram etc.

With good quality software, you can send hundreds emails/dm’s daily with very good opening rate:

How To Sell Beats In 2023
How To Sell Beats In 2023


3. Rinse and repeat.

Just 3 steps. In the meantime, you manage conversations with those who replied and try to make sure they find out that you are producer. If they don’t by themselves you can tell them in some point. They will gladly check your beats – you already complimented their music so they will most likely want to return the favor.

You make friends. Follow each other on Instagram. Do it naturally. The point is to reach out like a normal human being that like their music.

This is magic from psychological point of view. Here is the trick.

Since you never tried to sell anything, they will want to check your beats. And as you know they are into your type of beats (look at point 1. – that’s how you got them in the first place) they will be like DANG THIS IS DEFINITELY MY TYPE OF BEATS.

And as you were nice to them, complimented, make their mood better – guess who they will reach out to when they want to buy a beat? Yea, you.

Now, this is not the quickest method, but I tell you, based on years of experience – it’s the most effective, solid and never will be patched EVER. Direct marketing is the MOST EFFECTIVE form of marketing in any industry.

You want to build relationships every day, one by one, and it adds up. Ones who you hit up months ago are still there peeping your story. They remember you. When the time come, they will want to buy beats from you, even if it’s only because you were nice. This is one of the most powerful advices you can get when selling something.

And now, here is some inspirational info that is important to understand.

You don’t need 100k subscribers on YouTube. All you need is 100 consistent buyers to buy just one $50 lease to make $5k/month. How?

100 artists x $50 = $5.000

You don’t need hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube!

The beauty of this method is that 90% people do it wrong, they spam artists and when you do it like I do you will always stand out and get new customers every day.

So…. I hope you liked it, and go get it! Good luck!

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