Kush Audio Plugins Free Download

Kush Audio Plugins Free Download

Kush Audio Plugins Free Download
Kush Audio Free Download


Kush Audio Plugins Free Download contains the following 15 plugins.

Kush Audio AR-1 

AR-1 is a variable-mu tube compressor whose roots are in the raucous sound of the rockin’ American 50’s, yet it enjoys a posh, tea-sipping British image thanks to its use at Abbey Road Studios in late 60’s, notably on the later Beatles and earlier Pink Floyd records. Kush painstakingly captured the sweet breakup of AR-1’s beefy tubes being driven into the dirt, then added more than a half dozen significant UI and functional enhancements. The resulting emulation is every bit as chunky as the original, and 10x more flexible.


Kush Audio Goldplate 

Goldplate marries Relab’s gorgeous, silky smooth reverberation tails with Kush’s plush harmonic shaping and fat compression curves

Kush Audio Hammer DSP 

The Sound of Hammer DSP. The Hammer’s mythical top end sheen and tube-thickened low end quickly earned it a permanent place on mix busses around the world

Kush Audio Novatron 

Novatron is an analog-modeled compressor that borrows so many sonic properties from so many different classing hardware units

Kush Audio Omega 458A  

This rarefied tube emulation has a fat tone that breaks up in delicious ways, growing increasingly crusty but never harsh.

Kush Audio Omega A 

Model A vibes like a mic plugged straight into an API console from 1976. Adding a hint of sparkle and sheen

Kush Audio OmegaN

Model N nails the sound of the coveted vintage Neve pre it’s modeled after.

Kush Audio Omega TWK

Model TWK is a vintage distortion pulled straight from the heart of Kush’s own Tweaker hardware compressor.

Kush Audio Pusher

Turns drums into crushed gravel, direct guitars into vintage fuzz, and the human voice into an alien specter

Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP MKII

The Kush Audio Clariphonic is a unique and beautiful‑sounding high‑frequency equaliser, and the parallel topology allows for particularly pure results.


Kush Audio Electra DSP

Electra has an uncanny ability to find the hidden pockets of vibe and soul inside a sound and draw them out of hiding


Kush Audio – REDDI 1.0.3 VST, AAX x64 – saturator

Add A-Designs ‘legendary tube sweetness’ Bass DI Box to any sound in your mix. From A-Designs Digital by Kush. Original REDDI equipment is a legend among professional session musicians and commercial studio owners.

Its hybrid tube amplification circuits, powerful transformer and oversized power supply have an uncanny ability to both drive bass transients and add energy to them.

Without any kind of EQ – simply by the soft flickering of the lamp – REDDI makes bass, synths and guitars sit in a mix with less processing and fuss.

Thus, the REDDI plugin is designed to be used just like any analog DI: first in a chain, as an initial processing before compression, saturation, or EQ – giving it a unique tube sweetness to any instrument in your mix.

Kush Audio – SILIKA 1.1.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64 – compressor

Kush Audio Plugins Free Download is not an emulation of any particular hardware compressor. Instead, he tries to recreate the sound of “one particular scent of vintage compressors that clip beautifully” in the plug-in. The developer claims that it sounds “as good” as if you were using analog equipment.

Silika is a combination of diode saturation/distortion stage and compressor. First, the signal goes to a diode stage, which is based on emulation of the input and output transformers of the 1973 ADR Compex and the diode-bridge gain reduction circuit of the 1969 Neve 2254. For diodes, you can choose a Zener diode or germanium.

Kush Audio UBK

UBK-1 embodies the philosophy that compression is not merely a form of dynamics control, it is the ultimate tool to create and shape the movement and groove of a sound. Featuring five completely unique compression curves and no attack, release, or ratio in sight, UBK-1 has a signature ‘squishy’ and dark sound that’s very welcome in the land of digital sound.

Kush Audio Plugins Free Download

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Kush Audio Plugins Free Download

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