Oversampled – SUPER HEAVY DRUMKIT (Cinematic Edition)

Cinematic drum sounds are one of the most universal sounds you can find. They fit almost every single genre and their presence always adds flavor to the track.

Oversampled - SUPER HEAVY DRUMKIT (Cinematic Edition)

We hired professional sound designers & players and recorded their performances. We processed each hit leaving you no additional work to do other than dragging and dropping into your project.

Each sound went through a series of processing steps such as transient designing, tone shaping, dynamic control, space crafting, and more.

We believe cinematic drums can be a great addition to most songs. From single drum hits to transitions, its versatility will make you find a use of it in lots of different scenarios. With this pack, you can both produce modern EDM music and create cinematic movie soundtracks.

Oversampled – SUPER HEAVY DRUMKIT (Cinematic Edition)

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