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Producertech Lofi Hip Hop Production Techniques Tutorial

In Producertech Lofi Hip Hop Production Techniques Tutorial, UK Producer El Train shows how to build up a quality arrangement from scratch, using samples from his Loopmasters pack and working mainly with factory instruments and effects in Logic Pro, with all techniques being easily transferrable to other DAWs.

Free Download Music Tutorial.

producertech lofi hip hop production techniques tutorial
producertech lofi hip hop production techniques tutorial

UK Producer El Train has been making big waves in the Lofi Hiphop scene in recent years, with his fusion of Hip Hop, Soul, RnB and Trap landing him releases on labels like Kitsuné, Darker than Wax and Jakarta Records.

El Train begins the course by explaining the importance of using templates to improve workflow and creativity. He then jumps straight into creating the drums, using samples and quantization to keep them free, loose and organic sounding. He then embellishes this rhythmic basis with live-recorded percussion, as well as showing the effectiveness of using background atmospherics.

Moving on to the melodic elements of the track, El Train explores chord progressions and layering to build the harmonic backbone of the arrangement. He then records live bass, and discusses the best ways to create a convincing but interesting bassline. He continues the live recording process with some short and simple vocals, and explains how to transform and mold them into musically significant points in the track.

The course ends with a lesson on arrangement, showing how to keep your music interesting and evolving, how to pick out key moments in the track and when to use them.


Producertech Lofi Hip Hop Production Techniques Tutorial Free Download

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