Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Free Download

Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Free Download is a direct acoustic modulator plug-in with a silky smooth transmission. It is finely tune for vocals and can be tune in minute increments from minus 12 to plus 12 semitones.

Direct Download For Windows.

Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Free Download
Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Free Download

Graillon 2 Free Download

There are many music producers out there looking for the right VST audio plug-in. The Graillon 2 plug-in is a free plug-in that can use as an alternative plug-in for Antares autotune.

Graillon 2 is a VST plugin which has a purchasable version which has two unlocked features. The free version of Graillon 2 has two features which are unlock.

What’s New In Graillon 2.6

  1. Graillon is Vocal Live Changer that brings a world of possibilities into your digital voice work platform, with carefully designed features:
  2. The Pitch Tracking Adjustment, unique to Graillon, changes the speaker type, generates throat sounds, creates choruses, emits octaves and enriches the sound to make it more masculine.
  3. Pitch Shifter clearly moves audio up and down and has been optimized for audio.
  4. The pitch correction unit delivers instant instrumental sound, while the Bitcrusher add-on adds a sweet sparkle to the mix.

Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Features

  • 32-bit and 64-bit, VST2 and audio module, OS X, Windows
  • pitch change, pitch correction, bitcrush
  • Height tracking adjustment with circuit change or repeat modes
  • Unique signal collection to save CPU


Auburn Sounds Graillon 2 Free Download

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