Preset Pros Ultimate Pro Vocal Chain Presets (FL STUDIO)

Upgrade your vocals. These presets are trusted by thousands of producers around the world to get instant pro vocal mixes.


One-click access to dozens of pro vocal tones without having to spend time dialing them in from scratch

No more muddy, lifeless, or over-processed vocals

Get incredible results fast without spending hours searching through YouTube tutorials

No additional plugin purchase needed

Designed by top engineers to work well with ANY microphone


5 Pro Vocal Chains

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Crystal
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire

10 Signature Vocal Chains

  • Ariana
  • Doja
  • Bieber
  • Drizzy
  • Posty
  • Billie
  • Lil
  • Laroi
  • Brown
  • Weeknd

10 Special Effect Vocal Chains

  • Chip
  • Crown
  • Deep
  • Demon
  • Heat
  • Old Radio
  • Psycho
  • Spaced Out
  • Telephone
  • Waterfall

Preset Pros Ultimate Pro Vocal Chain Presets


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